Biden — Trump: Too Dangerous a Rematch

Ian Mitroff
3 min readJun 6, 2024

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As much as people don’t want it, Carlos Lozada[i] makes the argument that a Biden-Trump rematch,

“would compel Americans to either reaffirm or discard basic democratic and governing principles. More so than any other pairing, Biden versus Trump forces us to decide, or at least to clarify, who we think we are and what we strive to be.”

As he continues,

“Oddly, even as the electorate seems to want little to do with either of these two candidates — let alone both at the same time — Biden and Trump seem to need each other. Biden’s case for saving American democracy loses some urgency if Trump is not in the race.”

While this may indeed be the case, the very possibility however slight of Trump winning and thereby being President again is absolutely terrifying. While pitting one against the other forces us to choose what kind of Democracy, if any, we wish to have, the choice is too precarious even to contemplate.

If there’s any hope, it lies with the fact that voters reaffirmed the rights of women in last November’s elections. As Jamelle Bouie put it in the same issue of The Times[ii]: