Democracy: On the Edge of Destruction

Ian Mitroff
2 min readJun 7, 2024

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It’s no big or surprising revelation to say that our Democracy is literally on the brink of destruction. In the succinct words of David French[i]:

“A two-party nation needs two healthy parties. Any republic that depends on one party defeating the other to preserve democracy and the rule of law is a republic that teeters on the edge of destruction.”

The underlying cause of what ails us is what Political Scientists refer to as Negative Partisanship. It’s where one is loyal to a Party not because he or she loves it, but because one utterly loathes the opposing Party and those in it.

Where once Extremist views were the kiss of death for any candidate who espoused them, it’s now the case that each side hates the other so much that each brands the other as Extremist thereby justifying their own beliefs.

As French sees it, the situation is so bad that the abject hatred of Democrats is what makes Trump viable in the general election.

In sharp contrast, David Brooks opines[ii]:

“I’m not saying this election won’t be close…I’m just saying he (Biden) has a path to victory…Biden…