Israel’s Plight: One of Its Worst Crises Ever

Ian Mitroff
2 min readMar 15


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Under the autocratic leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel is facing one of its worse crises ever: the deep divisions between Jews worldwide. As in a perfect mirror of our own Divisiveness, Jews are deeply split over Netanyahu’s concerted attempt to crush the independence of Judiciary thereby forcing it to bend to his will.

Writing in The New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman put it starkly[i]. American Jews, if not Jews everywhere, have to choose between supporting Netanyahu’s extreme Right-Wing Government with its attacks on the Media, Academic Institutions, and inciting his supporters against Left-Wing Israeli Jews or standing up and opposing it with all their might. It means not supporting Israel financially, and certainly not politically.

In attempting to move forward, Netanyahu has explicitly courted the support of Republicans and its Evangelical base. In large part, he has done so because he believes that Liberal American Jews are a “dying breed”. Thus, there’s no need to take them into account. But in doing so, there’s no question whatsoever of his extremist views.

As a result, in Friedman’s words, Jews have no choice but to choose sides. In the same way, Americans have no choice but to choose sides between those on the Right and those on the Left.

It’s the same everywhere.

[i] Thomas L. Friedman, “American Jews, You Have to Choose Sides on Israel,” The New York Times, Wednesday, March 8, 2023, P. A21.

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