The Republican Party: A Prolonged History of Authoritarianism

Ian Mitroff
2 min readMay 30, 2024

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In her riveting book, Democracy Awakening, the Historian Heather Cox Richardson details the prolonged History of Authoritarianism that has been a major feature of the Republican Party for a major part of its existence[i].

Thus, she writes:

“After the 2020 elections, Republicans controlled the legislatures in…key states, and they redrew congressional maps using precise computer models. They had essentially hobbled representative democracy,”

For another:

“Trump married Republican politics to authoritarianism. Speaking simply and with words that packed an emotional punch, he offered those left behind by the Republican revolution a way to recover a mythological lost world in which they called the shots. And, he promised that he, and he alone, could lead the way.”

Flash forward. The New York Times features an Op-Ed by David Firestone in which he makes the case that extremists in the Republican Party could care less about a Government shutdown[ii]. Thus, with regards to the Bill to raise the Debt Limit:

“Republicans…split into their…