Trump Keeps Tearing Us Apart

Ian Mitroff
2 min readFeb 16, 2024

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Writing about Trump in any way is hazardous to our Mental and Social Health and overall Well-Being. For this and many reasons reason, it’s highly problematic.

But then not writing about Trump is a fundamental dereliction of duty. He needs to be held to account in every possible way.

An Op-Ed in The New York Times is a sad testimony to the personal damage Trump has wrought[i]. Thus, Art Cullen, the author of the Op-Ed, writes how Trump has caused friendships that have lasted for years to be “torn apart” irrevocably.

Mr. Cullen’s words speak for themselves:

“One of my old friends, or shall I say acquaintances, recently said on Facebook that I lacked integrity after I posted an editorial from our newspaper complaining about Mr. Trump’s contempt for the democratic process and rule of law. I’ve been a community newspaper editor for decades and no stranger to controversy, having angered the agribusiness gods and endured their reprobation, but I have to say that barb stuck. Our mothers are good friends. They would not have spoken that way about each other, at least in public.”

Again, in his words, “We went from Iowa Nice to Iowa Nasty”. In short, one can’t talk anymore about normal things such as the Weather. Ad Hominem Attacks have become the norm so much so that Mr. Cullen has given up trying to “see around our differences”.

While Iowa is certainly far from being representative of America, when a State that is generally Conservative is split by the same Divisiveness that has gripped the country as whole, one can’t help but feeling that we’re living in The Disunited States of America.

[i] Art Cullen, “ They Were My Friends for Years. Trump Tore Us Apart,” The New York Times, Thursday, February 8, 2024, P A24.

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