Trump: The Gravest Existential Threat

Ian Mitroff
3 min readMay 28, 2024

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Two pieces in The New York Times, a front-page article and an Op-Ed, lay bare the grave, if not the gravest, Existential Threat that Trump represents[i].

George Conway, J. Michael Luttig, and Barbara Comstock, three Conservative Lawyers and the authors of the article, mince no words in describing the ominous Threat that Trump stands for:

“Recent reporting about plans for a second Trump are frightening. Mr. Trump would stock his administration with partisan loyalists committed to fast-tracking his agenda and sidestepping-if not circumventing altogether — existing laws and long-establishes legal norms.”

As it’s been reported numerous times, Trump has nothing less in mind than the establishment of an Authoritarian State, to which he would of course be the Supreme Ruler to whom everyone would be beholden.

To help counteract Trump’s Anti-Democratic plans and behavior, the authors propose an organization composed of Conservative Lawyers who are committed to the Foundational Constitutional Principles upon which we all once agreed. It will also promote and protect the Primacy of American Democracy, the Sanctity of the…