Trump’s Jewish Allies Are Finally Willing to Abandon Him

Ian Mitroff
2 min readDec 1, 2022

Why Did It Take So Long?

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That Trump’s Jewish allies finally recoiled because of his having dinner at his estate with avowed Antisemites is of course a big deal[i]. But that begs the question as to why it took so long. And why after such a thoroughly disgusting event many Republicans are still unwilling to speak out against him.

The short answer is of course that as with so many things in life, people are more than willing to turn the other eye given that they get support for a favored cause. Thus, for many Jews, particularly Ultra Conservatives, support for Israel and its Right-Wing Government are all that really matter. And Trump’s general policies are also a deciding factor .

Yes, more often than not it takes a truly devastating event to force people to finally change their minds. Reason alone and a history of reprehensible acts are generally not enough. Indeed, as we’ve seen so often, not only are such acts recklessly excused, but they have the effect of binding one even more to the “offended party”.

The sad fact of the matter is that Trump-backed candidates having lost in the Mid-Terms has more to do with Republicans abandoning him than his reprehensible behavior[ii].

So there you have it. People will stand behind you no matter what if you’re not a Loser, the worst thing that Trump can ever say about someone, and can ever be said about him.

[i] Jonathon Weisman, “Jewish Allies of Trump Recoil After He Hosts 2 Antisemites,” The New York Times, Tuesday, November 29, 2022, PP. A1 and A16.

[ii] “Little Republican support for Trump’s 2024 bid,” The Week, November 25, 2022, P. 5.

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